1. School transport on the existing routes can be availed of, subject to availability of seats and change of route is not permitted without the approval of the Principal.
  2. Transport Fee will be charge for the full academic year and transport cannot be discontinued mid-session.
  3. The entire student using the school bus is expected to arrive on the nominated Bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival of the bus.
  4. The front door is the only authorized entry  and exit point and no student is permitted to stand on the foot board of the entry/exit point.
  5. Student will  Travel only by the buses allotted to them and the drivers are directed to stop the buses only at the  designated stops.
  6. If the student shows in sub-ordinatination/ rowdy behavior/ become a nuisance for the teachers/student/conductor or driver, he/she will not be allowed to travel by school transport.
  7.  Deposit the school’s best efforts if a bus breaks down, parents are expected   to bring the child to school on time.