Cricket: In an endeavor towards imparting specialized training and guidance in cricket to young in cricket to young student . Shring Sheffield school patna was launched the string Sheffield Academy of Cricket.

Chess : Chessis said to have originated in India in ancient times. It is support to be a brain enhancing game that helps in increasing concentration, memory ,logical power and understanding of mathematics.In view of the importance of this game the management has arranged for a Chess Coaching Centre for students who are interested in the sport.

Badminton: The school has three badminton courts to provide facility of the sports for regular practice
Sessions and organized tournaments. The school shall also arrange for professional coaching to train students who are interested in the sports.

Football : Football  is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is also a widely accepted game throughout India .Shring Sheffield School patna has remarked a sports field to play this game under Supervision of professionally qualified sports tracher.

Basketball : The school has a basketball court with latest infrastructure. Basketball is a popular game among school boys and girls . It’s a game which needs switness of mind as well as body and needs excellent physical fitness.