1. Regularity in all tests/examinations is the most for students. It is mandatory for the student to appear for all examinations.
  2. If the student is absent due to medical reasons, a written application and the Medical Certificate must be submitted on the same Day.
  3. No student is allowed to go home after the test and no half day leave is permitted for any other reason as well.
  4. No leave will be permitted on the day prior to the test under any circumstances and makes will be deducted for such absentees.
  5. A minimum attendance of 75% is a must to enable a child to appear in the Final Examination.
  6. The corrected answer sheets of each Weekly Test / Mid- term Examination will be send to you within a period of 2weekly after the test /examination. The parent must sign it and send it back to the subject teacher. In case of parents do not  recievew the test papers, Please get  in touch with the subject teacher immediately.
  7. Using unfair means or cheating during any examination will lead to the cancellation on the paper and zero in that  Particular paper.
  8. The report Card of your ward must come back to the class teacher duly signed within two days of receiving it.