Here at Shring Sheffield School we encourage our each and every child to equally participate in all the cultural and academic events , whether it be normal morning assembly , annual day function or any other competetions like english or hindi recetation, essay writing,poem competetion etc.

  1. Pre Primary - Nursery, LKg and UKg
  2. Primary - Classes I,II,III and IV
  3. Middle - Classes V and VI
  4. Classroom strength – (35-40) students

• Curriculum and Syllabus
The whole academic session is divided into terms - Four FORMATIVE and two SUMMATIVE as per the CBSE guidelines during
the academic year.

• Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation program
It will reduce anxiety and stress which often builds if the students are assessed only once through one-shot assessment at the end
of the year

  • It will result in higher level of learning due to timely diagnosis of learning gaps remedial intervention.
  • It will help learners to develop holistically in the term of different domains of their personality.
  • It will shift focus from need for learning to love for learning.